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Safety 1st Kids On Board Bike Trailer


Safety 1st Kids On Board Bike Trailer

safety 1st kids on board bike trailer

    bike trailer

  • A bicycle trailer is a motorless wheeled frame with a hitch system for transporting cargo by bicycle. It can greatly increase a bike’s cargo capacity, allowing point-to-point haulage of objects up to 4 cubic yards (3 cubic meters) in volume that weigh as much as half-a-ton.

    on board

  • aboard: on a ship, train, plane or other vehicle
  • On Board (Original Turkish title: Gemide) is a 1998 Turkish film written and directed by Serdar Akar. The film was shot concurrently with Laleli’de bir Azize and many of the main characters from the two films cross paths.
  • On or in a means of transportation; Joining in or participating; Agreeing or supporting; On a vehicle or vessel; aboard


  • Denoting something designed to prevent injury or damage
  • the state of being certain that adverse effects will not be caused by some agent under defined conditions; “insure the safety of the children”; “the reciprocal of safety is risk”
  • A condom
  • The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury
  • a safe place; “He ran to safety”
  • guard: a device designed to prevent injury or accidents


  • A child or young person
  • A young goat
  • Used as an informal form of address
  • (kid) pull the leg of: tell false information to for fun; “Are you pulling my leg?”
  • (kid) be silly or tease one another; “After we relaxed, we just kidded around”
  • (kid) child: a young person of either sex; “she writes books for children”; “they’re just kids”; “`tiddler’ is a British term for youngster”


  • 1st is the debut album by American rock band Streets, released in 1983 (see 1983 in music).
  • first: indicating the beginning unit in a series
  • “First” is a pop rock song recorded by American singer Lindsay Lohan for her debut album Speak. It was released as the album’s third and final single on May 10, 2005 (see 2005 in music). The song was released to help promote Lohan’s film, ””, in which it appears on the soundtrack.

"baby on board"

"baby on board"
What exactly does that mean? I can think of a few possibilities, but I’m not sure which is correct:

1) please forgive my shitty driving but I have a sniveling spoiled brat in the backseat who is throwing snotty toys at me and I can’t focus on the road

2) I know my car gets 12 MPG, but I have to fit my $475 diaper bag, $1000 stroller, and my 3 spanish speaking nannies who I underpay because they don’t know any better in here so it’s the smallest car I could get

3) If you are going to blindside me, do it on the drivers side because my baby is on board on the other side

4) If you are planning on driving like a jackass and decide to get in an accident with the car of your choice, do not pick mine, because I have a BABY ON BOARD

welcome on-board!

welcome on-board!
meet our hostess on the tall ship. from the moment we got on-board, she put everyone in a great mood with that amazing smile. a big thanks to her and the crew for making it a fantastic day on the lake. sails up.
safety 1st kids on board bike trailer